Hovawarte vom SchmollenseeHovawartzucht in der HZD e.V. seit 1996  

Welcome to "Hovawarte vom Schmollensee"

Personal words from the breeder

My name is Sylvia Meenke. I warmly welcome you to my homepage.

The wonderful breed “Hovawart” has been with me since 1993 and has crept deep into my heart.
I founded the Hovawart breed “vom Schmollensee” in 1996 with my parent bitch, Andra vom Ammerland. The namesake of my kennel is the Schmollensee, our "house lake" in Benz on the Isle of Usedom. We are located in the very Northern East of Germany, next to the Baltic Sea and the border to Poland. Andra gave us three wonderful litters. From the C-litter, Cora vom Schmollensee stayed with us. With her we raised four great, typey litters.
For personal reasons I had to stop breeding for some years, since in 2017, Frannie from House of Lincoln joined me and my eight-year-old Enya (Elvira von den Nornen). At the age of only two years, she met all requirements for becoming a bitch in the Hovawartzuchtgemeinschaft Deutschland e.V. (HZD). Frannie is a very balanced, sporty, friendly and uncomplicated bitch. I was looking forward to continue the Hovawart breed “vom Schmollensee” with her. In March 2020 we achieved this goal with the H-litter. The father of the 11 puppies is the Hungarian male "Pilisi-Hajnal Alfa", called Bruno.
In my opinion it is most important to breed vital, typey, strong-boned dogs with a high stimulus threshold, which are suitable for families, but also have the demanding characteristics of the working dog breed.
What should you bring with you for these court guards, who prefer to live with you as a family member and who are happy to accompany you everywhere? Patience, loving consistency - and a little humor doesn't hurt either, because the Hovawart is good for a surprise, quite often.
Of course, I am always at your side with advice and assistance. Please note that we cannot translate the entire content of the homepage into your language. For example, please use the automatic translation function in the Google Chrome browser. If you would like to find out more about me, please browse through my homepage or send me an email.

Sincerely Yours
Sylvia Meenke